What are the benefits of CAS Configurator Merlin?

  • Up to 90% faster sales process
  • Intuitive modeling of complex machines, no programming knowledge required
  • More time for your sales, i.e. even more qualified advice to customers and better closing rates
  • Fast product identification, even for individual enquiries
  • Optimum knowledge transparency through centrally stored data

Suitable solutions
for mechanical and plant engineering

CAS Configurator Merlin helps companies with a wide variety of products to easily manage sales processes.

Benefit from fast and accurate configuration and offer creation at the touch of a button.

By bundling the entire product know-how of your company in CAS Configurator Merlin, the required information is easily accessible for your employees.

An excellent interplay
the combination of product and customer data.

The combination with other systems does not cause any problems for CAS Configurator Merlin. For example: by integrating it into the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld, the sales and offer process can be optimized.

The integration of other systems such as ERP, PPS, PIM or CAD systems is also possible without any problems.

In this way, the right information is made available to you at the right time and your sales processes interlock optimally.

Product configuration with CAS Configurator Merlin

A graphical editor collects the product knowledge. This allows offers and other configuration-dependent documents to be generated at the touch of a button.

Your end customers can easily configure products themselves via the Internet or Intranet.

A 3D visualization of the configured product makes it additionally comprehensible.

Your sales representative can also access product data from the customer at any time via a tablet.


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