Energy market

What are the benefits of CAS Configurator Merlin?

  • fast and flexible reactions
  • Cost-effective product and contract changes
  • Ensuring the correctness of product and contract rules within seconds
  • graphical product and contract modularization
  • centralized access
  • modern customer approach through pad and online solutions


With the modeling interface M.Model you design your product and contract structure graphically and clearly including all dependencies.


With M.Mobile you can configure and present products directly at the customer with mobile devices.


You can use the M.Sales configuration interface to create the ideal contract step-by-step.

Suitable solutions
tailor-made for your company.

New technologies such as Fracking, Smart Home, E-Mobility or the decentralization of power generation through renewable energies lead to radical system changes.

The change from utility services to modern services leads to new demands on the product range.

More and more customers are willing to switch. Attractive products are therefore indispensable.

The CAS Configurator Merlin offers you
new possibilities for the energy market.

Respond quickly and flexibly to market changes and benefit from cost-effective product and contract changes.

With the CAS Configurator Merlin you can ensure the correctness of product and contract rules within seconds.

The specifics of the energy market are already taken into account in our software.