Offer Configuration

CAS Configurator Merlin: Push your sales with spot-on quotations

Complex products and services present sales with new challenges. Due to the large number of variants, the preparation of offers is prone to errors and often leads to time-consuming sales processes due to an increased need for coordination.

To support sales staff, we offer CAS Configurator Merlin. With our configuration solution, companies can easily control sales processes and create error-free quotations.

For your sales: The powerful sales interface

With the configuration interface M.Sales, which was developed especially for the sales environment, you can assemble the desired product step by step.

A technical feasibility check is performed in the background based on your defined set of rules. In the event of an incorrect and unrealizable configuration, you are informed directly in the program and possible alternatives are proposed.

After the configuration, you create an offer in your individual design at the push of a button.

Make up your own mind and configure your first product directly: Start configuring

For your end customers: A unique customer experience

In addition to our configuration solution for sales employees, we also have an end customer configurator in our product portfolio. With M.Customer you have a powerful end customer configurator at your disposal, which gives your customers a unique experience.

The interface, which can be optically adapted to your corporate design, makes configuration child's play. By enriching your product world with emotional images and detailed description texts, you can also inspire your customers. Your customer will then receive a summary by e-mail and your sales representative will receive the complete configuration.

Test the end customer configurator in our free Live Demo

At a glance: How can you benefit from CAS Configurator Merlin?

  • Saving up to 90%  time on sales processes
  • Technically and calculatively correct offers
  • Fast determination of the ideal product, even for individual requests
  • Higher-quality customer consulting and higher conversion rates due to time-savings in sales
  • Intuitive modelling of products, no programming skills needed
  • Simple data maintenance for highly complex products
  • Transparent knowledge due to centrally stored information